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Privacy Policy

Handling of personal information

We establish a private policy to protect personal information you provide to us.
We will handle personal information and personal history provided in accordance with the privacy policy and rules separately specified). Make sure to refer to them.

Privacy Policy of Mirai Co., Ltd.

Basic policy

We fully recognize that your personal information is important information that constitutes privacy. When we handle personal information in the course of business, all our officers and employees comply with laws and regulations concerning personal information and company rules established to protect personal information, to respect you and respond to your expectations for and confidence in us.
We will continually review personal information that has been built and if social environment changes or any law or regulation on the protection of personal information is revised, we will promptly respond to it and make changes.By doing so, we will strive to maintain safe and appropriate management of personal information.

Handling of personal information

  1. When collecting personal information:

    When collecting your personal information, we will notify you of the purposes of use and request your consent to such purposes of use.

  2. When using personal information:

    Personal information will not be used for any purpose other than the purposes of use to which you have given consent.

  3. Provision of personal information to a third party

    We will not deposit nor provide your personal information to a third party except when we are required to provide such information by judicial authorities or administrative agencies under the provisions of laws and regulations.
    When we provide your personal information to third parties other than members of our company even if you have given consent, we will make an agreement on the protection of personal information with such third parties and make every possible effort to protect personal information.

  4. Security measures for personal information

    We review and upgrade our company rules and take reasonable security measures to prevent loss, destruction, leakage, falsification or unauthorized access to personal information held by us. We will continually review and improve these measures when necessary and strive to ensure the security of personal information.
    When we determine that the purposes of use have been fulfilled and that it is no longer necessary to continually keep personal information, we may delete your personal information.

  5. Inquiries on personal data

    When we receive any of the following requests for personal information we manage, we will respect and make reasonable efforts to make the necessary response
    Request for review, correction, update or deletion of the content of personal data or a cancellation of consent to the use of personal information in part or in whole given to us will be directed to our contact point to respond to your inquiries about the handling of personal information.


Purposes of use of personal information

We will use personal information provided for the following purposes.
We may disclose personal information to our partners to which we contract our tasks within the scope of the purposes of use of personal information after requesting them to strictly manage personal information.
Please note that we and our partners may record your personal history including our responses to your inquiries.

  1. Various procedures (including various communication with contact persons for applications of companies or organizations) for participation in domestic and international meetings, lectures, and seminars hosted, co-hosted or sponsored by our company and marketing activities of services, etc.
  2. Request for cooperation in academic research or study we are contracted or we arrange
  3. Information on various services and information provision
  4. Preparation of statistical material and data in house
Mirai Co., LTD.
Tatsuo Murota
Contact point for the protection of personal information

To refer to, correct or delete your personal information, contact below:We will respond to your request as quickly as possible.
Administration Department
Open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. except for Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.


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