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Mechanism of plant factory

The plant factory is a fully controlled environment using “artificial light” and “air conditioning”.
Hydroponically cultivates vegetables in ideal conditions.

Mirai’s plant factory (fully indoor type hydroponic cultivation using artificial light) is called green room.
Japan is the only country in the world that is using fully indoor type hydroponic cultivation technology using artificial light.
Tatsuo Murota, president of the company, is a researcher in a plant factory representing Japan.The plant factory technology at Mirai that keeps on evolving has been attracting a lot of attention worldwide because of its world’s most advanced technology.

  • Crop yields and productivity are more than fifty times soil cultivation.
  • Ensures stable productionnot affected by nature and weather.
  • Can be produced anywhere
  • Nutritious, especiallyrich in vitamin and protein.
  • Grows fast.  * Lettuce grows two to three times
  • faster than soil cultivation.

  • Because airflow is controlled andcultivation without using pesticides is possible! * There are no worries about pest, pollen or virus.
  • Because vegetables are hydroponically cultivated,they can be eaten without rinsing. * Clean drinking water is used!
  • Traceability of “when, where and how it is produced” can be specified.



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