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Details of plant factory

All technology which includes the structure, functions, cultivation system, cultivation software and hygienic control have been developed in-house for Mirai’s plant factory.Mirai’s plant factory called“Green Room” is a facility that allows cultivation by controlling the environment – temperature, light, water, and nutrients – necessary for growing plant.


Freely design meeting an order for 1 – 500 tsubo(area of 3.3 – 1,653 square meters or of 3.954 – 1,977 square yards)In addition, because existing building can be used as-is, it is best suited to making full use of the idle facility.


Since plant is cultivated on multi-tiered cultivation shelves, many vegetables can be harvested in small space.For example, seven tiers of shelves can be placed at the height of 2.7 meters. The number of shelves can be freely changed to fit the ceiling height.It is possible, therefore, to grow many vegetables even in a small area of land.Theoretically up to tens of tiers of shelves can be placed, however, we recommend 6 to 10 tiers.Productivity using 10 tiers of shelves becomes 50 times higher than garden farming in terms of area efficiency.

Cultivation system

Completely-controlled hydroponic cultivation system is used.Growth conditions are automatically controlled at optimal and stable conditions.

  • Artificial light sources for cultivation
  • Closed nutrient recirculation system
  • Control of the atmosphere by carbon dioxide application
  • Air-conditioning systems create optimal temperature.

Total control using sensors always provides stable cultivation.

Cultivation software

Plant cultivation does not necessarily stabilize by only controlling the environment.In order to control non-linear program or a complicated system that grows and propagates organism, good theory and accumulated cultivation expertise are necessary.We incorporate various data which is recorded night and day in the cultivation software to continuously increase the accuracy of cultivation.

Hygienic control

In “Green Room”, operators are required to take hot showers, wash with shampoo and body soap, and wear sterilized work clothes before entering the factory.In this way, strict hygienic control prevents pests from entering externally and helps create an almost sterile environment.We can, therefore, produce safe vegetables without using pesticides.



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