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Characteristics of vegetable

Cultivation without using pesticides, safe as airflow is controlled.
Reliable, safe and tasty vegetables are grown.

The main vegetables produced at a plant factory is leaf vegetable at present.
A large amount of vegetables have been delivered to restaurants. People who have eaten vegetables unanimously say “It tastes good!”
For example, the number one vegetable, lettuce has been flattened to make it easy to cook by adjusting the environment in which lettuce is grown. Most part of the lettuce is a soft leaf.It is structurally designed that 95 percent can be eaten.
The strength inherent in seeds has been drawn out by controlling the temperature and light. Nothing special was done.
Since vegetable is live, we need expertise or software technologyが in the cultivation of vegetables as much as hardware (building) technology.The high level of software power (cultivation technology) is one of features of Mirai Co., Ltd.

  • Eliminates the rinsing.
  • Vitamin and minerals are as much as10 times
  • higher than soil cultivation.

  • Cultivation without using pesticides, safe as airflow is controlled.
    * Hydroponically cultivated vegetables at a plant factory is safe as it contains extremely low radiation and no pest, pollen and viruses.
  • Ninety-five percent can be used for cooking. There is little waste.ん
    * Vegetables grown in soil only 50 – 60 percent can be generally used.


Characteristics of vegetable
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