MIRAI Co., Ltd. Signed a Set of Contracts to Provide a Large Scale Plant Factory System with Artificial Light and Factory Management Consulting in Moscow, Russia. The Company Accelerates Overseas Business Expansion Leveraging Its Know-how as a Large Scale Plant Factory Vegetables Producer.

2018年10月11日(木)ロシア・モスクワで開催されたロシア農業省主催「黄金の秋2018(ロシア農業展示会)」の中で、日本の農林水産省主催の「スマート農業に関する日露農業セミナー」枠においてMIRAI株式会社(President & CEO:椎名吉夫)は、ロシア・ATB社(CEO:SIMAKOVA MARINA)とのモスクワにおける大規模人工光型植物工場のシステム導入、および運営コンサルティングを含む各種契約の締結を発表し、その場で調印式を行いました。


October 11th, 2018 (Thrs.) At the “Golden Autumn 2018 (Russian Agricultural Exhibition)” held in Moscow, Russia by the Russian Ministry of Agriculture, within the framework of Japan’s Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries’ “Japan-Russia Agricultural Seminar Regarding Smart Agriculture,” Mirai Co., Ltd. (President & CEO : Yoshio Shiina) announced the signing of various contracts with Russia’s ATB Co. (CEO : SIMAKOVA MARINA), including the introduction of large-scale artificial light plant factory system and management consulting. A signing ceremony was held on the spot.

Photo (left : Russian Ministry of Agriculture Information Director, Ms. Irina Ganieva; center left : ATB Co.’s Ms. MARINA; center right : MIRAI Co., Ltd.’s Mr. Shiina; right : Minister of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries, Mr. Matsushima) *Taken during the signing at the seminar

ATB Co. has been operating their first artificial light pant factory since spring of 2016, in far east Khabarovsk, Russia. They have used MIRAI Co., Ltd., Miyagi, Tagajo Factory’s system, using the factory management as a base, and introduced a system that produces about 10 thousand leaf lettuces daily. They once again requested MIRAI Co., Ltd. for their second factory project. MIRAI Co., Ltd. has agreed upon collaboration to, beside the systems, share their know-how concerning factory operations and sales, consider opening plant factory business in Russia, as the contracts were signed.

Russia is meeting the challenges of domestic procurement and the quality of leafy vegetables, not just in the far east, but in all regions. Taking the initiative to meet challenges, starting with solar-type gardening facility, they have been keenly interested in the artificial light plant factory business.

MIRAI Co., Ltd. is the “producer” of leafy vegetables domestically in Chiba (Kashiwanoha Factory), and Miyagi (Tagajo Factory), in Japan, accumulating factory operations know-how as they sell lettuces and herbs. Besides Russia, the introduction of MIRAI’s system and know-how has been realized in two cases in China, through their partner company, MIRAI Chino Co., and moreover is proactively expanding business in other countries and regions, exchanging memorandum and such things.

MIRAI Co., Ltd. will continue meeting global demands to cultivate vegetables in plant factory, as well as meeting the various demands to “purchase,” “use,” “eat” their produce.

2018年10月11日(木)ロシア・モスクワで開催されたロシア農業省主催「黄金の秋2018(ロシア農業展示会)」の中で、日本の農林水産省主催の「スマート農業に関する日露農業セミナー」枠においてMIRAI株式会社(President & CEO:椎名吉夫)は、ロシア・ATB社(CEO:SIMAKOVA MARINA)とのモスクワにおける大規模人工光型植物工場のシステム導入、および運営コンサルティングを含む各種契約の締結を発表し、その場で調印式を行いました。

写真(左:ロシア農業省情報局長Irina Ganieva氏、中央左:ATB社MARINA氏、中央右:MIRAI社 椎名、右:農林水産省松島審議官)*セミナー内における調印時に撮影





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