MIRAI acquired JAS 0012 "Environmental Management of Leaf Vegetable Cultivation in Artificial Light Plant Factory"


MIRAI acquired JAS 0012 "Environmental Management of Leaf Vegetable Cultivation in Artificial Light Plant Factory"

MIRAI Co., Ltd.

In June 2020, MIRAI Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture, Chairman & CEO: Yoshio Shiina) acquired JAS 0012 certification for its Kashiwanoha Factory, one of its main production facilities, in accordance with the Japan Agricultural Standards, " Environmental Management of Leaf Vegetable Cultivation in Artificial Light Plant Factory ".

Certification Number: SGS/JP/JASP-N002
Certification Date: June 23, 2020
Factory: Kashiwanoha Factory (221-1 Aotashindentobichi, Kashiwa-shi, Chiba 277-0881)

<JAS 0012 "Environmental Management of Leaf Vegetable Cultivation in Artificial Light-type Plant Factory" Date of enforcement>
October 5, 2019

<Requirements of JAS 0012>
- General requirements (management standards and classification control)
- Facility requirements (facility (general) and clean zone requirements)
- Management requirements (cultivation management, shipping management, materials management, management of workers and education and training)

JAS* 0012 certified producers are eligible to use the special JAS Mark** as a result of the third-party recognition of their management skills in the cultivation process.
(The JAS Mark is a certification of the management process and is not attached to vegetable products.)

Artificial light-type plant factories will continue to evolve and develop in the future. On the other hand, there will continue to be a growing focus on global food procurement issues due to the effects of the bad weather and natural disasters that do not decrease every year, as well as new coronavirus. Overall, the demand for vegetables cultivated in plant factories will continue to grow.

MIRAI's cultivation system has been introduced not only to our own factories but also to the global market. Through the acquisition of GLOBALG.A.P. in March of this year and this JAS0012 certification, we will continue to provide "Safe Management Capability" and "Safe and High-quality Vegetables" to our customers all over the world through our own factories and the customers who have introduced our system.

(JAS0012. certificate)

(MIRAI Kashiwanoha Factory)

*About JAS
JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standards) is a national standard established by the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in the field of food, agriculture, forestry and fisheries, and traditionally has been used to establish standards for the quality and specifications of food, agricultural, forestry and fisheries products sold in the domestic market. Reference: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries website

**About Special JAS Mark
In light of the expanded scope of the revised JAS Law enacted in FY 2018, the three marks except for Organic JAS have been unified with a new design. It is now possible to affix the special JAS Mark to the company's website and product standard documents to indicate that the company is a certified business.

(Special JAS mark acquired this time)

<For inquiry about this news release>
MIRAI Co., Ltd.
COO: Nagateru Nozawa


JAS 0012「人工光型植物工場における葉菜類の栽培環境管理」を取得


JAS 0012「人工光型植物工場における葉菜類の栽培環境管理」を取得


2020年6月MIRAI株式会社(本社:千葉県柏市 代表取締役会長:椎名吉夫 以下「MIRAI」)は、日本農林規格JAS 0012「人工光型植物工場における葉菜類の栽培環境管理」の認証を主力生産工場である「柏の葉工場」にて取得しました。

認証日 :2020年6月23日
工場  :柏の葉工場(千葉県柏市青田新田飛地221-1)

<JAS 0012 「人工光型植物工場における葉菜類の栽培環境管理」の施行日>

<JAS 0012 の要求事項>

JAS* 0012の認証事業者は、栽培プロセスにおける管理能力を第三者機関に認めていただいたことなり、特色JASマーク**の使用が可能となります。





* JASとは
JAS(Japanese Agricultural Standards、日本農林規格)は食品・農林水産分野において農林水産大臣が定める国家規格であり、伝統的には、国内市場に出回る食品・農林水産品の品質や仕様を一定の範囲・水準に揃えるための基準のこと
参照:農林水産省HP https://www.maff.go.jp/j/jas/jas_kikaku/index.html

** 特色JASマークとは


取締役社長 野澤永光


MIRAI's Kashiwanoha Factory Received GLOBALG.A.P. Certification


MIRAI's Kashiwanoha Factory Received GLOBALG.A.P. Certification

MIRAI Co., Ltd.

In March 2020, MIRAI Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture; President and CEO: Yoshio Shiina; hereinafter "MIRAI") announced that its main production facility Kashiwanoha Factory had been awarded the GLOBALG.A.P., an international third-party certification.

GGN: 4063061098771
Certification date: March 12, 2020
Factory: Kashiwanoha Factory (221-1 Aotashindentobichi, Kashiwa-shi, Chiba 277-0881 Japan)

<Main purposes of obtaining the certificate>.
To strengthen risk management
To improve management efficiency
To establish the "business operation know-how” that follows "facilities" and "cultivation technology" for overseas business development

MIRAI’s Kashiwanoha Factory has been operating as a large-scale artificial light type plant factory for over six years, and we have been accumulating the know-how in plant factory operation and management by producing and selling vegetable products. Now that we have more than 50 corporate clients purchasing our vegetables, the demand for food safety, and the stability and security of procurement is increasing day by day.

The idea of food safety, workplace safety, and environmental protection have changed significantly from the early days of our factory to the present. Now a single wrong decision can lead directly to the risk for the entire business. In this regard, we believe obtaining the certificate is truly beneficial for all our business stakeholders.

Also, in order to further improve the productivity and promote the efficiency, we thought it would be very effective to review the related factors and “visualize” them when we prepare for the application for GLOBALG.A.P. Certification. In this process, we were able to improve each part of our work, ranging from revising the conventional work manual, reports, and deliverables, to reducing the procurement cost, and to enhancing the cooperation between the sales team and production team.

Furthermore, one of MIRAI’s core businesses is to provide the “plant factory system” and its “operational support” for the overseas market. At this point, the certificate allows us to also provide “business operation know-how” for our existing and new overseas business partners. Currently, in our new overseas projects, we design the layout, work-flows, and operations following the GLOBALG.A.P..

(Left: GLOBALG.A.P. certificate)      (Right: MIRAI Kashiwanoha Factory)

Internally, we hope it encourages and helps our staff to implement their risk management and to improve work efficiency. Also, we see it as an excellent chance to enhance our passion for our business, and every day we learn, try new things, and advance our business “brightly, proactively, and constructively” together under any circumstances.

GLOBALG.A.P. is a trademark and a set of standards for Good Agricultural Practices. In over 120 countries, it is used as an international standard certification approved by GFSI. This certificate is an international brand awarded to good-standing companies that are engaged in sustainable production while achieving food safety, workplace safety, and environmental protection.

*About GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative)
GFSI is an organization managed by food security experts such as international food companies and distribution companies and maintains a scheme to benchmark international food safety standards. GLOBALG.A.P. is one of the six certifications approved by GFSI in the field of agriculture.

<Inquiries regarding this news release>
MIRAI Co., Ltd.
COO Nagateru Nozawa
E-Mail: mirai@miraigroup.jp
Website: http://miraigroup.jp/







2020年3月MIRAI株式会社(本社:千葉県柏市 代表取締役会長:椎名吉夫 以下「MIRAI」)は、国際的な第三者認証であるGLOBALG.A.P.を主力生産工場である「柏の葉工場」にて取得いたしました。

工場 :柏の葉工場(千葉県柏市青田新田飛地221-1)






(上:GOBALG.A.P.認証取得証)      (下:MIRAI株式会社柏の葉工場)


G.A.P.(ギャップ) は、GOOD(適正な)、AGRICULTURAL(農業の)、PRACTICES(実践)のことです。GLOBALG.A.P.(グローバルギャップ)とは、それを証明する国際基準の仕組みになります。世界 120か国以上に普及し、GFSI**が承認する国際標準認証規格となっています。本認証は、食品安全、労働環境、環境保全に配慮した「持続的な生産活動」を実践する優良企業に与えられる世界共通ブランドです。

** GFSI :(Global Food Safety Initiative)


取締役社長 野澤永光


In-depth Article Published on Mynavi Agriculture

An in-depth article of MIRAI's recent development was published on Mynavi Agriculture, one of the biggest agri-media in Japan.

You can read about how we've evolved as well as about our recent development.

We translated into English so please download the PDF file.






Aug. 27th - 29th Showcasing Vegetable Products at Gaishoku Business Week 2019

We are going to exhibit our vegetable products at "Gaishoku Business Week 2019".

Venue: Tokyo Big Sight, South Hall 1, 2, 3, 4
Booth: 4H-30
HP: https://gaishokubusiness.jp/english/

"Gaishoku Business Week" is Japan’s largest trade show specialized in Restaurant & Food Service industry.

Vertical farm vegetable products have started to largely being used in fields of prepared foods and restaurants, and the main species are not only frill lettuce but also expanding to greenleaf and herb varieties.

So far, MIRAI has commercially supplied romaine lettuce, basil, and more than 10 varieties of herbs, other than frill lettuce and greenleaf.

Now, we are introducing even more varieties to suit our clients' needs. The newly added products are as follows, and we will also showcase "one more new product".

MIRAI's New Products (All are for professional use)

  • Kale
  • Oakleaf
  • One more new product (Please check our booth)


MIRAI Co., Ltd.
Isoda and Seki at Fresh Vegetable Product Sales Department




場所:東京ビッグサイト 南ホール1・2・3・4
HP :https://www.gaishokubusiness.jp/





営業部 (担当:礒田、関)


マガジンハウス「COLOCAL」 KAI先端研究所 連載企画第10弾にMIRAIを取り上げて頂きました。

記事のタイトルは「すでにあなたも食べているかも!? 植物工場の先駆け〈MIRAI〉が描く未来の野菜とは?」というもので、弊社の経歴や、弊社野菜製品のお客様へのメリット、弊社のものづくり精神など多岐に渡ってご紹介頂いております。



MIRAI and CHIYODA CORPORATION Concludes a Business Partnership Agreement


MIRAI and CHIYODA CORPORATIONconcludes a business partnership agreement for the growing demand in the field of vertical farming business

February 1, 2019 (Fri.) MIRAI Co., Ltd. (headquarters: Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture “MIRAI" hereinafter) and CHIYODA CORPORATION (headquarters: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture "CHIYODA CORPORATION" hereinafter) have concluded a business partnership agreement in the field of closed type artificial light vertical farming business, to respond to the increasing demand for vegetable products and production systems.

MIRAI is a “producer” of vegetables in Japan, having large commercial scale vertical farms in Chiba (Kashiwanoha Factory) and Miyagi (Tagajo Factory). And by consistent efforts of producing and selling lettuces and herbs, MIRAI accumulates the know-how of vertical farm management, vegetable cultivation, and market development.

We recently issued a press release regarding a large commercial scale plant factory system in Moscow, Russia, while in China we have completed three systems installation from last year to this year.

MIRAI have strengths in vertical farm management and cultivation technology, and recently have started research and development of diversified vegetable production system in response to the growing market demand. Meanwhile, in the field of labor-saving hardware development and engineering that are suitable for countries with severe climate environments, the capability of MIRAI alone was limited while such demands have been ever more increasing. Therefore, to meet the demand, MIRAI decided to make the partnership with CHIYODA CORPORATION, which have profound achievements and experience in such field and recently have started focusing on vertical farming business.

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